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Duffy Boats is coming to Holland!

Starting 2019 Duffy Boating will introduce a unique boat to be enjoyed on Dutch waters.

With the focus on small waters, like the Amsterdam canals the goal is to enrich boating lovers with a boat that offers all features you expect of a luxury boat. Each Duffy Boat drives like a golf cart, very, very easy to handle and full of equipment to elevate your boat drive and comfort to the highest standard.


Duffy boats is into the market since 1970. During the years 'the Duffy' has become a high rewarded boat. Newport Beach Harbour (CA) has more than 3000 happy Duffy boat owners.

Duffy boats offers a high luxury quality boat for small waters.

A Duffy boat with blue cover on the water
Duffy Boating

Experience your ultimate boat for the canals in Amsterdam or any small water.

How to buy a Duffy?

All the sales in Holland is catered by Duffy Boating Nederland. The team is at your service to explain all about the Duffy and features. The sale is ready to deliver your boat in 2019. If you are planning to buy a boat, this is your chance to consider a Duffy Boat. It might be fresh for you, but with more then 3000 boats in Newport Beach Harbour only, the Duffy Boat could be your excellent choice!

Can you see yourself driving the boat exploring the Amsterdam canals, Giethoorn or other small waters? The 'Duffy' will enrich your lifestyle!

A blue covered Duffy Boat with flag on the stern.
The stern side of a Duffy boat

With a 'Duffy' you will be able to share the intense feeling of being on the water with family and friends.

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