21 Sun Cruiser (Commercial Series)

21 Sun Cruiser (Commercial Series)

The Suncruiser Commercial Serie 21ft are specially made for the rental business. Due to the size of the boat the international shipping cost are more effective than the 22ft boats. The offered price is the base price including the bigger battery pack which offers almost a 9 hour cruise time at normal speed. 

The Suncruiser offers the sun deck at the back of the boat to enjoy in the sun relaxing on a soft couch with comfortable backrest. The inners space of the boat offers plenty of room for passengers to relax and enjoy. In base the boat can offer room for 12 adults.

Choose the roof, hull and interiour in your disinguished color combination to represent your company image the best. The Duffy keeps perfect track, has very easy steering and handling and... drives like a golfcart. The boat can be offered for rental even if the captain has minor experience. The perfect boat to let with or without captain. Choose this optimized boat with the best value for money to have your florishing rental business!

  • Specifications

    • Length: 21′ – 0″
    • Beam: 7′ – 11″
    • Draft: 26″
    • Capacity: 12 Adults
    • Displacement: 3,720 lbs.
    • Top Speed: 6.0 MPH

      Running Time:

      @ Cruising Speed: 9 hours

      @ Top Speed: 4.5 hours

  • Order & Shipping

    1. Call us at (+31) 648-470563

    2. We will walk you through the process of selecting colors and options.

    3. Once your order is placed, your boat will be built at our Southern California factory.

    4. Once your boat is built, we can arrange delivery to your location.