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22 Sun Cruiser

The 22 Sun Cruiser is the model with the open back space available. If you are looking for seats outside at the back side, this is the Duffy for you! Comfortable and cozy when it’s just the two of you, but when the family arrives with in-laws and grandkids, there’s plenty of room to go around.

Extremely stable, comfortable seating, and lots of beam make this a floating living room. You can’t beat this  model when it comes to having a great time open in the sun!

The 22 Sun Cruiser was designed to be a foot longer, and a whopping 2 feet wider than our Classic 21′ Duffy! This gives the 22 Sun Cruiser an unprecedented amount of interior and exteriour space. Combine the extra width of the boat, along with the unfixed movable tables and the side-steering helm, and you’ve got a completely different boat with an open interior to move about. Equipped with our patented Duffy “Power Rudder” she turns on a dime and is super quiet.

Another major change to come to the 22 Sun Cruiser is the location of her batteries. Rather than being under the seats like our previous models, the batteries are now located in the keel of the boat. This provides incredible stability and tracking, along with opening up the space under the seats for more storage!

The luxurious interior offers solid wood forward and aft tables, along with a center galley which can accommodate the optional refrigerator! A beautiful forward bar area with wooden door, also included is the starboard side pullout and lockable wine and bottle storage locker and storage drawer!

The new three step entry on both sides of the boat makes it extremely easy for anyone to get in and out of the boat!

Our new “Duff Eze III” polycarbonate window system is fully UV proof, and keeps you warm and toasty on the coldest of days. The enclosure will also keep any rain or dirt outside the boat, without the need of a full boat cover! Just unplug, untie, and unwind!

Like all Duffy models, the Sun Cruiser22 comes with the new Fusion Marine 50 watt per channel stereo. Play music, or take calls wirelessly with Bluetooth, or plug in for a quick charge while you play your favorite songs through the USB port!

The 2018 Sun Cruiser model includes some other exciting changes. The new Lonseal flooring gives the look of a beautiful teak floor, but without the hassle! Easy to clean and soft under foot, it will last forever. The new “Smart Plug” power connector is included on all our 2018 boats, and provides faster and more efficient charging. Navigation and interior lighting have been replaced with new efficient LED lights, which will last for years!

We here at Duffy are very proud of this new model, and we look forward to building you one of America’s first and finest electric boats as we have since 1970!

Like all of our Duffy Electric Boats, the 22′ Bay Island is made in America.


    Length: 22' - 0"

    Beam: 9' - 3"

    Draft: 29"

    Capacity: 12 Adults

    Displacement: 4,315 lbs.

    Top Speed: 6.0 MPH

    Running Time:

    @ Cruising Speed: 12.5 hours

    @ Top Speed: 6.5 hours


    1. Call us at (+31) 648-470563

    2. We will walk you through the process of selecting colors and options.

    3. Once your order is placed, your boat will be built at our Southern California factory.

    4. Once your boat is built, we can arrange delivery to your location.

Extra Batteries Pack (8) Batteries (1499,00)
Full Boat Cover Sunbrella Fabric (1299,00)
1500 watt Inverter (1299,00)
One Point Battery Watering System (649,00)
Refrigerator AC/DC (1199,00)
Remote Controlled Spotlight (899,00l)

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